Niche Product Ideas

Niche product ideas and a brand are the keys to success. 22 year entrepreneur, Diane Gracely has proved it over and over.

It’s a new year and Diane is moving forward with a new niche product idea.

Diane is a graphic designer who has been creating art to sell on t-shirts and over 75 other products. She sells her art through Print-On-Demand company, TeePublic.

niche product ideas

This is a huge industry and there is a lot of competition. Therefore, many people know it’s hard to earn a living selling art. After all, that’s where the quote “starving artist” came from.

With that being said, it’s all about finding a “niche”.  Diane has 22 years of experience working online as an entrepreneur. She’s been creating small home businesses online, growing them, and then selling them for a nice profit.

Branding Your Niche Product Ideas

Thus, the most successful businesses were the ones that Diane started with her niche product ideas. And, she would create a “brand” for the niche product. After choosing a brand name, Diane would purchase a domain name to match the brand.

Once she had the domain, it was time to design a website. Then promote the hell out of the brand.

For example, promoting the brand means potential customers need to see the brand name often. So, how do you do that? Specifically, create a Facebook business page, group, and a YouTube channel using the brand name. Thus, Diane always uses the brand as her title for everything.

Finally, you create videos, posts, and photos of your niche product. As a result, you start sharing them everywhere on social media.

Last but not least, you target the people that would have a need or want for your product. In conclusion, this is the step Diane is doing at this very moment. This is how to build a successful business.

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