The Reusable Bags Welcomes You

Shopping bags by The Reusable Bags is saving landfills one shopping bag at a time.

Welcome to website. Your one stop shop for reusable grocery bags. Our durable tote bags come in three different sizes. Therefore, you choose the size you want and a design for it.

Diane Gracely, owner of “Diane’s Tees” offers 100’s of unique and fun designs. So in addition to choosing the size you first choose a design. For instance, your a dog lover. Look through Diane’s dog lovers designs and pick one. However, if you are more of a hippie, check out her colorful hippie art designs.

shopping bags
Shopping Bags for Dog Lovers

Diane believes in saving the landfills and streets of cities around the U.S. from plastic bag waste. There is nothing like driving through town and seeing trash everywhere. It’s disrespectful, yet we see it all of the time. These days our new generations don’t care about properly disposing of trash. They’ll clean out their car and throw trash in a plastic shopping bag. However, where does that plastic bag end up? Thrown out of their car window while driving down the street. They don’t care, they think nothing of it.

Similarly, this happens in homes too. Some folks can’t afford trash bags, so they’ll grab one of the plastic bags from their last trip to Walmart. After that, they’ll fill it with trash from each room of the house. Where does that plastic bag end up? You guessed it, eventually at the nearest landfill.

Why not help stop this madness? Diane has bags in her truck at all times. She uses the reusable tote bags for many things. Not just for groceries. Diane loves going to yard sales and estate sales on the weekends. She’ll grab one of her reusable bags when she hops outta the truck.

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