Shopping Bags With Class

Shopping bags with fun images and quotes. You can help save landfills and the streets of your city or town from plastic bag waste. Order reusable bags in your choice of 3 different sizes. Choose from 100’s of designs made by artist, Diane Gracely.

shopping bags
Choose from 1oo’s of Designs

Diane is on a mission. She loves to make people smile and laugh. Therefore, her reusable bags are not just about replacing plastic bag use. But also about making people happy. Designs made by Diane are created as a conversation piece. Depending on the design you choose for your shopping tote bags, you will receive compliments, laughs, and smiles. After all, that’s part of Diane’s plan to make people happy.

Diane’s Shopping Bags With A Purpose

Above all, the reusable bags have a purpose. Are you tired of plastic bags that rip and tear? For example, you’re carrying your groceries from the car to the house. All of a sudden, everything is on the ground. A can of soup is rolling down the driveway. You have to run and chase it.

You look up and see the neighbor laughing at you. He’s watching you run after your runaway groceries. Don’t let this be you. There’s no reason to make the day worse than it already is. Just think, if only there were no more plastic bags. Life would be so much easier.

Designs By The Reusable Bags

Colorful designs with or without quotes. Watch the short video above. That’s just a few designs from Diane’s tote bags choices. New designs are added daily by Diane.

Leave comments, tell us what you think. Let Diane know if you have ideas for designs. She’d be happy to create something personalized or custom made.

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