Reusable Grocery Bags B.Y.O.B.

Reusable grocery bags with colorful art and funny quotes. Plastic bags will soon be a part of history. Stores everywhere want you to B.Y.O.B. “Bring Your Own Bags” reusable grocery bags. Choose from 3 tote bag sizes and 100’s of designs on bags that won’t rip or tear. Therefore, leave you chasing cans rolling down your driveway or sidewalk. Contact Diane Gracely for custom made tote bags. Call Diane (352) 239-3669

Our reusable tote bag is made of a durable Poly-Poplin outer with a laminate-coated interior and cotton handles which makes it durable and hard to rip. Although the bag is light, it is designed to last and can be washed. Capacity: 30 to 50 lbs.

Choose from 3 Tote Bag Sizes – 13 x 13, 16 x 16, and 18 x 18. Click Here to SHOP 100’s of designs made by graphic artist, Diane Gracely. The bags can be used for any purpose. Diane’s colorful designs and fun quotes will make people smile and laugh.

grocery bags

Uses for Our Reusable Grocery Bags

  • Grocery Bags
  • Beach Bags
  • Garage Sales and Yard Sales
  • Flea markets
  • The Mall and Clothing Shopping
  • Crafts – Yarn, Needles, etc.
  • Teachers to carry graded homework papers
  • Dog Travel Bag- Carry your dog’s snacks, water, poop bags, and toys.
  • Laptop, Tablet, Magazines, etc.
  • Carry your books, paperwork, and more to doctor appointments

Americans throw away about 1 billion plastic bags a year, equivalent to dumping 12 million barrels of oil. However, we want to help Americans cut down on the pollution. Bring your own bags.

After all, some cities and states are banning plastic bag use. For this reason, it’s time to buy your own reusable bags. Above all, Diane’s designs make people smile and laugh. Of course, that’s why Diane is creating fun and colorful designs for reusable grocery bags.

Although, that’s not the only product Diane’s art is printed on. Her colorful fun designs and quotes are available on over 75 other products. Click here – Diane’s Tees.